The perfect guide for a trip to Marrakech

Why go to Marrakech?

Marrakech and its high temperatures attract around 11 million visitors every year who come to discover the variety of landscapes and activities that the red city offers. Between cultural visits and relaxing in the sun by the pool, Marrakech is the ideal destination for those who want to combine relaxation and discovery. Discover the best things to do in Marrakech, learn how to avoid tourist traps and discover unique addresses you won't find anywhere else.

MapNGo lists the best activities and unmissable places to visit in Marrakech

The Majorelle garden

If you need to recharge your batteries in a place full of nature, enjoy the Majorelle garden, ideal for a memorable photo session to then share on your social networks.

Yves Saint Laurent Museum

If you like fashion, visit the Yves Saint Laurent Museum which houses a collection of iconic works by the famous French couturier

Jemaa el-Fna Square

It is impossible to go to Marrakech without passing through the famous Jemaa el-Fna square. During your visit, you will learn about Moroccan culture and you can enjoy shopping in the souk, a true treasure of local crafts.

The carriage ride

To visit the center of Marrakech, why not opt for a ride aboard a horse-drawn carriage that travels through the city's streets? You will discover the city's unique architecture and its orange earthen walls.


The city of Marrakech is full of emblematic places to visit: the Koutoubia mosque with its imposing "minaret" will immerse you in the city's history. As you stroll around the surroundings you will be transported to the splendor of its architecture.

The Bahia Palace

Afterwards, take advantage of your trip to discover the Bahia Palace and its mosaics typical of Moroccan culture, as well as its lush garden that will allow you to recharge your batteries.

The Médina, historic center of the city of Marrakech

The Médina is the perfect place to get used to the city and Moroccan culture, discovering the local souk. There you will find various objects of artisanal products: "Berbère" rugs with aromatic spices…


For your shopping, head to Guéliz where the streets are full of shops and restaurants perfect for your shopping and a gourmet stroll. You will find all the well-established chain stores and restaurants there.

How to avoid scams?
All our advice.

When traveling to Marrakech you will undoubtedly have memorable moments, but to avoid problems, mapNGo offers you a guide with advice to follow to avoid problems during your stay.

False guides
Some people offer services to take tourists to visit the souk. Make sure to check the authenticity and reliability of these guides by checking whether they are official guides.Book a tour guide in Marrakech

Prices in the souk
Be careful when shopping in the souks! Sellers do not hesitate to inflate prices when it comes to tourists. Be prepared to negotiate prices very frequently.

Counterfeit products
In the souk you can sometimes find counterfeit goods, do not be fooled by overly tempting offers and sellers of counterfeit goods.

Taxis are ubiquitous in Marrakech and constitute the city's main form of transport. However, when it comes to tourists, some drivers may try to trick them by not turning on the meter and setting a high price even before departure. Before getting into a taxi, always make sure the meter is on to ensure a fair fare and avoid fraud. Book a taxi in Marrakech

Driving in Marrakech
If you are thinking about renting a car, drive very cautiously. The city is full of motorcyclists who are not necessarily very careful when driving, which requires greater attention on your part.

Avoid tap water
For a body that is not used to it, it is advisable to avoid tap water which can sometimes contain bacteria. Choose bottled water to avoid any inconvenience.

Street food stalls
During your visit you will see many food stalls on the street. Sometimes these stalls are clean and offer delicious food, but sometimes their vendors may not respect strict hygiene rules. Instead, opt for stalls where the food is prepared before your eyes.

The secret/hidden treasures of Marrakech
Shiii… don't tell anyone!

Marrakech is a very popular destination, but there is also a way to enjoy an unforgettable stay by focusing on little-known places, far from the tourist hustle and bustle. You can enjoy true Moroccan culture away from popular tourist destinations. Morocco is obviously known for its varied and tasty cuisine.

The “Haj Boujemaa” Dish

Restaurant where you can taste Moroccan specialties (couscous, tagines, etc.) but also lesser-known and typical dishes at reasonable prices.

The "Buddha Bar" Marrakech

Located in the center of Marrakech, its decor combines Moroccan architecture and contemporary aesthetics. In addition to tasting dishes and drinking cocktails, you can also enjoy the festive atmosphere in the place. However, it is worth remembering that this establishment is relatively expensive, with an average of 500 DH per person, or around $50.

The "Beach Mama" Marraquexe

To spend some time relaxing under the Marrakesh sun, Beach Mama is the perfect place to enjoy a swimming pool and a restaurant. This is the perfect place to find peace and tranquility away from the city of Marrakech.

The Agafay Desert

The Agafay Desert offers a unique experience just 30 minutes from Marrakech. This destination is becoming increasingly popular, so we advise you to go there before it becomes too well known. In the Agafay Desert, there are a multitude of activities to do. You can opt for a quad bike or dune buggy ride with stunning views of the desert landscape. If you prefer a calmer activity, opt for a camel ride. You can also enjoy a sunset dinner where you can enjoy a traditional meal around an open fire while watching a Berber music show. It is also possible to enjoy a day swimming in the desert.

House of Photography

A lesser-known place than the YSL museum and Koutoubia, Marrakech's photography house will introduce you to a historic Moroccan photographic collection stretching from the 1870s to the 1950s.

You already have an idea of the places to visit during your stay in Marrakech and how to avoid the traps and scams. Now you can use mapNGo to create a complete, free and instant schedule for your trip to Marrakech.