The complete guide for a stay in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires, the famous capital of Argentina, is a city rich in history and culture. Founded by the Spanish in 1536, the city became independent in 1816. Buenos Aires has retained Spanish, Italian, and French influences. With its cuisine, museums, parks, and shops, Buenos Aires offers a wide variety of places to visit. Today, Buenos Aires is a dynamic metropolis, known for its cultural wealth and artistic scene, especially Tango. With MapNGo, you will find a complete guide to help you have an unforgettable stay in Argentina.

The 8 must-see places

La Plaza de Mayo (Plaza de Mayo)

The center of Buenos Aires, it is a historic square surrounded by buildings such as the Casa Rosada (presidential palace), the Metropolitan Cathedral, and the Cabildo. You can visit museums or watch the changing of the guard, discovering the history of Buenos Aires.

Puerto Madero

Puerto Madero is a modern and revitalized neighborhood in Buenos Aires, located along the Rio de la Plata river. Known for its skyscrapers, elegant restaurants, and green spaces, it is a symbol of the city's urban transformation.

San Telmo

A true artistic neighborhood famous for its cobblestone streets and San Telmo Market. Discover the market every Sunday, its temporary art galleries, and street performances.

The Palermo neighborhood

The largest neighborhood in Buenos Aires, where you will find large green areas to enjoy with family and friends, as well as several shops. And when night falls, discover the city's nightlife.

The La Boca neighborhood

This colorful neighborhood is known for its vibrant houses and festive atmosphere. You can stroll along Caminito street and discover tango dancers along the way.

The Teatro Colón

The Teatro Colón is one of the most famous opera houses in the world. You can attend ballet performances or simply visit and admire its majestic architecture.

National Museum of Fine Arts

This museum houses the most important collection of art in Argentina, with works ranging from the medieval era to modern art. You will find European painters like Van Gogh, as well as a wide variety of local works.


Recoleta, one of the most elegant neighborhoods in Buenos Aires, is renowned for its restaurants and luxury shops. But this neighborhood also houses the famous Recoleta Cemetery. This cemetery is known for its mausoleums and houses the graves of important figures in Argentine history, including Eva Perón, a national icon, which attracts many visitors. An ideal place to discover Argentina's history.


The Asado

The Asado is an Argentine barbecue with various grilled meats, such as bife de chorizo (sirloin steak), vacío (flank steak), and matambre (rolled flank steak). This meat is accompanied by a chimichurri sauce made from garlic, parsley, vinegar, and oil.


Empanadas are small pastries filled with a variety of fillings, ranging from ground meat to vegetables, cheese, and ham, depending on the region. In Buenos Aires, meat empanadas are more common.

Dulce de Leche

It is a milk-based sweet that accompanies most Argentine desserts. For example, alfajores are cookies filled with dulce de leche, often covered in chocolate.


Helado is ice cream known for its creamy texture and various flavors, such as dulce de leche, strawberry, and dark chocolate.


Avenida Santa Fe

One of the main shopping avenues in Buenos Aires, Avenida Santa Fe is filled with clothing and footwear stores. You will find both local and international brands.

Palermo Soho

This neighborhood is known for its designer boutiques, art galleries, and home decor stores. You will find handcrafted jewelry that you won't find anywhere else.

Galerías Pacífico

Galerías Pacífico is the city's most famous shopping center, located in the heart of Buenos Aires. You will find all international brands.

Excursions around Buenos Aires

Paraná Delta

The Paraná Delta, located near Buenos Aires, is a vast network of rivers and islands that form a unique ecosystem. It is a popular destination for boat trips, offering lush nature and picturesque landscapes.

San Isidro

San Isidro is a chic suburb of Buenos Aires, famous for its colonial architecture and historic center. Known for its elegant residences, shops, and tranquil atmosphere, it is a privileged place for getaways outside the city.

Pampas Estancias

For an authentic experience of Argentine life, you can visit a traditional estancia in the pampas (large farm). You can go horseback riding, watch folk dance demonstrations, or enjoy an asado (Argentine barbecue).

La Plata

La Plata, located near Buenos Aires, is the capital of the Buenos Aires province and is known for its grid-shaped urban plan. Known for its museums, its impressive neo-Gothic cathedral, and its green spaces, it offers a rich cultural and educational experience.

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